Independent Research

We are actively engaged in identifying issues that will impact on Australian boards. Research topics are gathered from our regular meetings with chairmen, non-executive directors, CEOs, CFOs and company secretaries. Our preliminary findings and conclusions are published in leading corporate governance journals and in presentations and workshops and in media interviews.

"Ann-Maree demonstrates professionalism and integrity in her work and applies discipline and intellectual rigour in her research. She is thus well prepared to debate the complex issues facing management, boards, investors and regulators in developing a more robust corporate framework." - Belinda Huntchinson AM, Chairman, QBE Insurance


Treading the Boards: governing arts organisations in Australia

From February to August 2012 Ann-Maree Moodie conducted research into the governance of arts organisations interviewing some of the leading chairmen, chief executives, artistic directors and arts administrators in the sector. The research focussed on key aspects of arts governance including the purpose and role of the arts board, the nexus of power and authority between the triumvirate of chair, chief executive officer and artistic director, the ongoing tension between artistic endeavour and financial viability, how arts boards define and manage risk, and how the board and its individual members will participate in philanthropic endeavours in the future.


The preliminary findings were published in the September 2012 edition of Keeping Good Companies, the journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia.


Leading for Diversity in the Boardroom: skills required by chairmen of diversely-composed boards

Our current research is focussed on the additional skills that will be required for chairmen leading diversely-composed boards. Recent changes to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles require boards of listed companies to pursue greater gender balance in composition. What skills will chairmen require to ensure that these wider perspectives are garnered?

Our findings were published in Keeping Good Companies, the journal of Chartered Secretaries Australia.


Cultural Governance: Ensuring 'Fit' in the Boardroom

The second stage of this research concerns the group dynamics of the board in accepting a new member into the group. This research was published in the August 2011 edition of Keeping Good Companies and was complemented by a podcast interview with Ann-Maree Moodie.

International Governance: Leading a Truly Diverse Board

The third stage of our research into Leading for Diversity in the Boardroom focuses on boards such as BHP-Billiton and Orica Limited which are examples of boards representing multiple dimensions of diversity - age, gender, nationality. What issues do chairmen of diversely-composed boards face in relation to cross-cultural communication, holding meetings to accommodate multiple time zones, and dealing with technology? It was published in the February 2012 edition of Keeping Good Companies.


External Research Engagements

We accept engagements to conduct company-specific governance research which may be used as an internal company document or which can be published on the company website and in the annual report. Most recently Ann-Maree Moodie was engaged by Medibank Private to research the relationship between the company's success and the balanced gender composition of its Board.


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