Board Performance Appraisals

An annual board performance appraisal is a critical process that identifies areas where the board is operating well and what areas may need closer focus. We conduct two types of reviews. The first involves a questionnaire, interviews with members of the board and the senior executive, a written report and a presentation to the board. The second type of review is a "pulse survey" in which members of the board and the executive are interviewed about five or six key issues currently drawing the board's attention. The conclusions are presented in an issues paper to the board; Ann-Maree Moodie facilitates a board discussion about the findings.


"Our Board chose Ann-Maree Moodie of The Boardroom Consulting Group because of her excellent reputation as well as the thorough process evidenced in her proposal. She observed a board meeting, compiled questions for the Board and the Senior Executive to answer, collated responses, conducted personal interviews with those surveyed, and then presented her results and recommendations at a Board meeting. Her advice was very well received and is regarded as an excellent platform for the next stage of Good Beginnings Australia's growth as a national charity trying to ensure that every child in Australia has a 'Good Beginning'."

Lynn Wood, Chairman, Good Beginnings Australia and Chairman, Financial Reporting Council of Australia.


"The board evaluation process provided by The Boardroom Consulting Group was expertly and efficiently implemented. I believe the changes we have made as a consequence, and those that we are in the process of making, will provide the improved governance framework we need to support the future growth of the company."                                              

Anna Booth, Deputy President, Fair Work Australia and former Chairman, Slater and Gordon.


Board & Management Communication Training Workshops


High-quality communication between the Board and Management is critical to good governance. Without properly-prepared and well-researched board papers, the Board cannot make decisions effectively. The board pack, and presentations to the Board by the CEO and his or her management team, are the two key ways in which Management represents itself, and the quality of its leadership, to the Board at each Board meeting.

In these workshops, Ann-Maree Moodie combines her unique combination of skills and qualifications - corporate governance, company secretarial practice, writing and presenting - to counsel CEOs and their executive teams on how to understand their board's needs, and to prepare board papers and board presentations to suit their audience.

These training workshops include:

Board Paper Writing

Board Presentations

The CEO Report (conducted as a one-on-one training with the CEO)

Understanding Your Audience: Your Board


Board Paper Writing

Writing board papers is an art. A well-written board paper is central to the flow of information to and from the board. It is therefore critical to good governance practice. Many executives and their direct reports find writing board papers a challenge and become frustrated with the expectations of their boards. In this workshop, we address the essential elements of a well-written board paper, study different types of board papers and help participants to develop confidence and discretion about what information to include, and what to leave out.


"Our challenge at Fusion was to ensure our new management team could provide a concise and transparent Board paper pack each month that satisfied a diverse group of Board members and shareholders. Ann-Maree Moodie did an outstanding job understanding the Board's dynamics and needs, and she assisted my management team to prepare Board papers that met the Board's requirements. The outcome of this one-day coaching session was a far more productive Board meeting with much better understanding of the key issues and opportunities." Don Grover, CEO and Managing Director, Fusion Retail Brand

"Engaging Ann-Maree Moodie provided the Group Executive with an opportunity to reflect on and review how best to assist the board in its discernment of key strategic issues. Ann-Maree worked with St Vincent's and assisted us in developing more succinct papers that reflect both our mission imperative and our business requirements. As a result of the workshop, St Vincent's has now changed several of our Board paper templates and, to date, has received positive feedback from Directors." Dr Tracey Batten, Chief Executive Officer, St Vincent's Health Australia Ltd 

"Effective decision-making at Board level depends heavily on the quality of information that the Directors receive. That's why we engaged Ann-Maree Moodie of The Boardroom Consulting Group to conduct a full day workshop on board paper writing for our senior executive team at Qantas Superannuation. The workshop was very successful - Ann-Maree provided practical examples which stressed the need for structure, facts, a link to strategy and, above all, plain language in all Board writing. The team had a lot of fun and Directors have commented on the noticeable improvement in recent Board papers." Anne Ward, Chairman, Qantas Superannuation Limited. 

"We engaged Ann-Maree Moodie of The Boardroom Consulting Group to facilitate a Board Paper Writing Workshop for senior management to enhance their communication responsibilities with the Board in the area of writing Board papers.  The one day workshop was well received by all participants who were able to take away new skills, particularly in the areas of plain English drafting, writing papers with a strategic focus and gaining a better understanding the Board’s modus operandi.  Feedback received to date from the Board on the improved quality of the reports has been very positive.  Ann-Maree has a knack for engaging with her audience and drawing out key information, experiences and feedback from participants." Steven Rubic, CEO, I-MED Network

"My team was regularly required to write board papers and present to the Board of Perpetual Limited. Many times I needed to rewrite papers and to coach my team on the difference between writing a board paper and writing report for management. I engaged Ann-Maree Moodie of The Boardroom Consulting Group to conduct a four-day workshop for the team in which she combined her deep knowledge of governance with her abilities as a communicator and writer. The team enjoyed the workshop, learned to appreciate the audience they were writing for and gained confidence that their papers would meet with Board approval – in presentation if not in argument." Eric Wang, Managing Director of Sunstone Partners and former COO of Perpetual Limited.

“You have really been a god-send, and the results from Tuesday’s workshop will be a much stronger executive team, and a great opportunity to improve dialogue between the executive and the Board.” Mary Jo Capps, CEO, Musica Viva

“Ann-Maree Moodie has a strong background in, and knowledge of, the issues surrounding corporate governance. She is also an excellent facilitator with an uncanny ability to encourage openness and participation from all attendees.” Stephen Chapman, non-executive director, ING


Chairman Mentoring and Director Coaching

We provide mentoring services to chairmen who want a ‘sounding board’ to assist them talk through issues such as their leadership style in the boardroom, managing specific boardroom issues and career development. We also offer a coaching service to non-executive directors on career development and boardroom behaviour.

“Ann-Maree has a unique understanding of the boardroom which she shares with warmth and insight. Her thoughtful questioning, suggestions and action plan were critical to my transition from an executive career to one as a non-executive director." Vicki Allen, Chairman, Bridge Housing Limited

Facilitation of Board/Management Strategy Days

Ann-Maree Moodie professionally facilitates board events, from in-camera board sessions to board and executive strategy meetings. She is well-regarded for her depth of experience, thorough preparation and a warm approach which creates an enjoyable and productive experience for all.


"The Management Committee of contemporary music group, Ensemble Offspring, needed a crash course on governance best practice. Ann-Maree Moodie helped everyone gain an understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Her clear and concise explanation of how a board works, the relationship between board, management, stakeholders and funding bodies, was illuminating. Her easy manner and flexible approach led to an open, trusting discussion that has continued long after her departure. I highly recommend Ann-Maree to boards of all persuasions - experienced, brand new and everything in between."  Kate Lidbetter, President, Ensemble Offspring


"I would like to compliment you on your ability to gather a group of people with a wealth of experience and preparedness to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom. Identifying people is one thing; gaining their trust is another. Clearly you were able to do both. From your own comments and your provocative questioning, it was clear you have a tremendous insight into boardroom issues. Were it not for your age, one could be forgoven for thinking you were a seasoned public company director yourself - and one with sound views." Anne Keating, non-executive director, Goodman Group


Thank you for a fantastic job at this year’s Queensland CFO Symposium on May 13-14. We have already received excellent feedback and we are very pleased with the overall event. It certainly makes our job easier knowing that you are in the room and in control!” Producer, CFO Queensland Symposium 2013


"Thank you very much for being an outstanding MC for the NSW CFO Symposium 2012. Your preparation, assistance and professionalism were very much appreciated and assisted in making this year's event a great success." Producer, CFO Symposium


"We engaged Ann-Maree Moodie to manage an Executive/Board strategic planning day. The independence she brought to the day, her skills in preparing individual Board members and executives prior to the conference to be able to participate to their full capacity, and her facilitation of the day itself, was excellent. Ann-Maree delivered on her promise." Bill Gair, co-founder, and



We are engaged by listed and private companies, State and Federal government departments, universities and NFP organisations. Over 14 years we have undertaken projects in industries and professions including: law, education, property, retail, emergency services, government, disability services, insurance, financial services, superannuation, health, agriculture.

A partial list of current and recent clients includes: Transfield Services Limited, Huawei Technologies (Australia), Perpetual, SP AusNet, Qantas Superannuation Limited, MTAA Superannation, Fusion Retail Brands, I-Med Network, Energy Super, Slater and Gordon Limited, St Vincent's Health Australia, V/Line Limited, RMIT University, Green Building Council of Australia, Anglicare, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Musica Viva, Good Beginnings Australia, Gondwana Choirs.






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